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2010-04-14 by H:S, tagged as intro
What the hell does it mean? What is the purpose of this website?

In the first place, it will serve as my personal website. More or less, it is an attempt to replace my Facebook account with a web presentation that is completely under my control. One of the first subsections will be likely some sort of photo gallery and microblogging system. The site you are now reading will contain only information about major events and links to the other sections.

After some time I intend to present some interesting ideas and experiments, mostly concerning software and electronics development, after a few years maybe even biology as I'm interested in the idea of connecting our technology with ourselves.
In addition to that, some low-grade graphics and 'art' or even literature (in the case I'll be bored enough to finish the written part of my 'Díra' project ^^ ) could possibly appear.

It will take some time, though, as I'm quite busy with school – don't expect anything big any time soon. :)


2010-04-14 by H:S, tagged as intro, reality
Real. What's real? World. Why do we exist in this world? Future. How can we change the future?

The 'reality' around us is evolving chaotically all the time. As one of the consequences, one day I emerged in this world.
Here I am, an insignificant chunk of meat somewhere in the Universe. Lacking any purpose, abandoned by hope, abandoned by love.
And so I'm going to make the damn Universe regret doing such a stupid mistake, such as creating 'me'. I will get my revenge, or (more likely) die in attempt.

So let's change the future! Let's change the world! Let's change the Universe!