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Update after 8 years

2019-01-14 by H:S, tagged as ivn, meta, the hole

It's hard for me to believe that about a quarter of my life has passed since the last update. Almost nine long years, and still it feels like I got this website running only a year or two ago. Looking back on the first post, I can't help but to find it kind of embarrassing. :) But I decided to leave it here anyway, to serve me as a remainder to avoid posting on my public page unless I'm sure I have all the marbles together.

That being said, my being pissed off with life, the universe and everything was probably one of the things that kick-started a new round of work on my various projects, even though the level of enthusiasm that radiates from the first post certainly did not last long. At the very least, I'm not so hell-bent on ripping a hole in the fabric of space-time, or whatever. :)

So, what's new, then?

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